The blog is back!

Hello! -blows dust off blog-

You may have noticed we’ve had quite a big hiatus over the last few months. Both of us are actually at university so we weren’t able to travel to Atlantis for a while and we had to put this blog up on the shelf, but we’re back!!

There are a few posts that we’re going to be putting up over the next couple of weeks. We have the belated DVD review (it’s never too late to chat about a DVD, is it?), we had the chance to go and see Jemima in her play, Blithe Spirit (she was amazing!) and there is also Wales Comic Con coming up and we’ll be posting about our time there!

Yes, we’ll make sure to post plenty of pictures!

See? We’re making up for lost time and we’re sure that over the next few months, more and more news will come about Atlantis Season 2 so take a deep breath!


BBC America Atlantis Special


We know we’re already late wishing everyone that, but we’re Atlanteans! We’re either fighting mythical creatures sent to kill us, drinking wine or trying to come up with a genius theorem! Or hiding in our caves waiting for a cure…probably that one.

To kick off our 2014 in style, BBC America have posted an Atlantis Insider Special with all sorts of behind the scenes goodies! Thanks to Robert for this special New Year gift!

Click here to watch!

Christmas Countdown (2 Days): Atlantis Fandom

Like many shows, Atlantis has got themselves a fandom (and we’re happy to be part of it!) so today’s post is going to be dedicated all things ATLANTEANS! We can’t wait to see what you lot come up with next series! These are only a few of the stuff we’ve seen: if you have favourites, show us in the comments/twitter/tumblr!

1. The Fans’ Verdict: We asked fans on Tumblr and Twitter what they all thought of the first series and we definitely got a response!

A Star Trekked Sherlockian: Atlantis is the first fandom I’ll be in from the very beginning. It’s perfect and I love it!
Pythagoras The Triangle Guy: I owe a lot to Atlantis. It’s the first fandom I’ve been in since the very beginning, I’ve met a lot of truly amazing, lovely and talented people because of it and it’s been my weekly dose of happiness for three really long, really rough months.
Imanerdytimelorddetective: I’ve loved it.I agree that it’s not always been the best TV,but the writing and the relationships between characters are amazing
whyisitalwaysnevillelongbottom: The characters were all adorable (especially Pythagoras) (he’s the best) and every character had an original personality and traits that made them interesting (also thanks to the actors who were fantastic!)
bexismyname: Series 1 has been amazing! I’ve been following the fandom right from the start (my blog is now mostly dominated by atlantis gifs!) and its great to see how everything has developed!
The one named after a hat: it’s been fantastic, honestly. Atlantis was the fandom that made me start posting the fanfiction I’ve been writing, and I’ve never gotten anything but Paris from the fandom, which I guess is a reflection of the show. I’m honoured to be in this fandom, and although it’s relatively small, it’s certainly friendly.
aislinceivun: It’s been a fantastic experience! I usually tend to join fandoms midway, but with Atlantis, I’ve been here right from the beginning, and oooh, how wonderful it was!
springinstep: Overall? I am enjoying it. If I didn’t, I probably would have dropped it. I’ll watch series 1, buy the DVD and tune into series 2 as well.
queenofsleepyhollow: naked jason, so many feels over pythagoras and his brother, medusas’ curse…
laurabodsworth: So far I’ve loved Atlantis, of course I can’t wait for the finale but I’m kinda sad it’s all gonna be over 😦 Still season 2 though, that’s gonna be exciting!

(Some of you wrote novels so we’re making a special page for all of you!)

2. Fan Art


tumblr_mtwbuquI6N1rdv3rao1_5003. Fan Videos

Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays from Dee and Linds!

Three days to go until Christmas so we’re finally getting bit by the festive spirit (or that could be Ariadne) and wanted to wish all of our Atlanteans a very Merry Christmas! If you don’t celebrate, then just have a great day! Hercules will be coming down your chimney anyway looking for drink or food so, if you see him, just throw a joint of beef out the window and Pythagoras or Jason will drag him home!

Atlantis 2 copy

To celebrate this and New Year, we’re going to have a run-down of our favourite episodes, quotes, fanart, fanvideos and what fans really thought of the first series over the day next few days! What better way to end 2013!

Jack, Mark and Robert on Radio 2

The boys (Jack, Mark and Robert) were just on the Graham Norton Show on Radio 2 where he asked them some questions about themselves, the series and they answered a few fan questions. We couldn’t make out some of the interview due to them laughing so much! We did our best to get the little bits and bobs.

  • Robert (Emms) was the first person cast for Atlantis.
  • The Temple of Poseidon is actually one massive green room that the cast film in.
  • Jack’s dad is an actor, Mum is a choreographer, 3 brothers (one who is an actor, another a model, another in Cirque Du Soleil!)
  • Their favourite episodes?: Mark liked the bull leaping episode (thought it was a great story), Robert and Jack both liked the episode in Hades, though the 12th episode ends on a cliffhanger and is meant to be good!
  • The final two episodes are a lot darker than before and there may be some major deaths involved!
  • Apparently the audience will end up knowing more about Jason and his story than Jason does!
  • Most of the male cast seem to end up topless/naked during filming, including Robert and a space hopper? Did we hear that right? 😮

For those who can listen to shows on the website, we will bring you the link so you can listen to the interview all over again!


Atlantis Cast to be on BBC Radio 2


Thanks to Mark [Addy], we know that this Saturday (21st December), some of the Atlantis cast are going to be on Graham Norton’s show on BBC Radio 2.

We think it can be listened to internationally (but don’t quote us on that!) so if you don’t mind getting up earlyish this Saturday morning, Graham’s show starts at 10am.

Not sure what time the cast will be on, but don’t worry…we’ll let you know as soon as we do!


Coming up next on Atlantis

For those of you who can’t wait for the next episode of Atlantis, here are the trailers for them! Good timing, we think!

UK: Touched by the Gods – Part 1 (Saturday 21st December) at 19:55

USA: White Lies (Saturday 21st December) at 9/8 C

BBC Youtube
BBC America Youtube